‘It’s time to start looking after YOU…’ 

So having experienced the most embarrassing moment of my life last Monday… ‘When is your baby due?’ When you’re not pregnant and I had to fork out £400 for the insult (new tyres) the whole week was a downward spiral. I came home, ordered a Thai and totally slagged off the mechanic through every mouthful and then just like that, Easter was less than a week away and I pretty much binged all week and treated myself last night to a large Dominos family deal. Safe to say I went to bed with the most swollen tummy and didn’t sleep a wink probably because of the amount of crap soaring through my body but when I woke up this morning, immensely bloated and feeling just shit I’ve had one of those ‘new week, new me, new diet kind of ideas’!

So I had weetabix for breakfast with a tiny bit of honey instead of drowning it in sugar and a banana; soup and chocolate orange rice cakes for lunch and came home and made stir fry with chicken and LOADS of veg with hardly any noodles! Today was a win. I also went gyming with my Sarah, I said we should do the Kayla Itsines BBG, week one day one and I was thrilled that between mild heart attacks, Sarah too was struggling. (Mwahahah, there is a god!!) She did power through and not stop once whereas towards the end I was trailing off like a wet fart and literally just wanted to die… What a workout though!

Now I’m not working 7 days a week I’m replacing work with looking after myself. The 7 days a week for 9 months has left me so fat, so unhealthy and generally just a bit of a tramp. Glad I’ve been to the gym a total of four times in three weeks but I’m sure there will be a routine soon! I feel a little more determined now I’m nearly over the ‘are you pregnant saga?’.

Pass me the veg!

  One of the reasons, Sarah and I aren’t really friends. She looks like this after the hardest workout of our lives, I look like I’m about to die (although I might have been) 


One five guys, two gym sessions and an awful pre start photograph

So we are day three into my ‘diet’. To go out with a bang last week I went to the gym with the none fat friend and rewarded myself the day after with incredible burger and chips from the one and only ‘Five Guys’. It’s got to be better than McDonalds, yeah!?

Monday I joined my local gym, which is right next to the office which means I can go before work or after without being able to come up with too many excuses, I went out and bought new gym clothes and after I had taken the size 18 ones back as they were too small, (lycra is super tight, guys).  I took the dreaded half naked photograph to show the world how utterly huge I really am. Tuesday brought our second Gym session where we had a look on Pintrest and found a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Workout and all of a sudden I have a new found respect for these women…

Now any workout that has 7 separate sections and then 7 different exercises in each section is surely a winner?! Over 100 squats, lunges and other awful exercises later, the sweat was dripping from behind my ears and I was actually wheezing with each breath but I figured that I must have done something right!

Today brings a new challenge all of its own! Sarah has already trumped me by being in Spin Class at 07:15 and this afternoon I am being measured for a dress I am having made for the races in April. Now no one wants to be measured for a dress when you look an absolute state but having made it into the media, two years running (for looking good) I am determined to loose some timber before race day! I WILL NOT be in the worst dressed section of the Daily Mail! Those guys are ruthless!

Tonight I am home alone so I am going to take my dogs on a lovely long walk and then I will be having, Chicken, brown pasta and veg for tea in some sort of tomato sauce. (I have given up Domino’s and KFC, there is no way I am giving up my carbs and sauces, just yet!! slowly slowly!)

I will keep you updated this weekend with how I am still getting on! I currently don’t feel any different just a bit embarrassed that I am showing you all my not so lovely body!